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Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, commonly referred to as Tottenham or Spurs, is an English professional football club in Tottenham, London, that competes in the Premier League. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been the club's home ground since April 2019, replacing their former home of White Hart Lane, which had been demolished to make way for the new stadium on the same site. Their training ground is on Hotspur Way in Bulls Cross in the London Borough of Enfield. The club is owned by ENIC Group. Tottenham have played in a first (home) strip of white shirts and navy blue shorts since the 1898–99 season. The club's emblem is a cockerel standing upon a football, with a Latin motto Audere est Facere.

Tottenham Hotspur workplace has terrible payment, treatment and management, claims an anonymous ex-employee at

"Absolutely Terrible place to work" I worked at Tottenham Hotspur part-time Terrible pay. Terrible treatment. Constantly accused of stealing. Horrible management."


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Lee Pankhurst says

"Awful Company, currently applying to a small claims court. They have taken money from my account and sent me items without me ordering or giving permission then said it can be returned.


Iain Corcoran says

"Poor Experience, visited there online shop placed an order / 6 days later still no sign of delivery viewed tracking its not even been picked in warehouse? Cancelled I’ll buy elsewhere never again will I buy from this online shop, similarly bought exact two same products from Chelsea and was delivered within 48hrs"

Gavin says

"Awful service. Now been waiting for one shirt for over 2 months. I emailed the customer service about 3 weeks ago, they said it hadn't been long enough to look into it (they said it had to be 25 days, which it had been, despite the 7-10 day quote when I ordered). Now they've completely ignored emails, and also remove any sort of negative reviews off of their site almost instantly."

siobhan woolley says

"I placed an order a couple of days ago online for several items.
I never received an email confirmation or anything but the amount/price of the order was sitting in my pending transactions on my online banking.
Yesterday the pending amount had totally disappeared from my online banking and no money was or had been taken from my account. I telephoned the shop and explained the above- they ran my details into the computer and I was told that the order didn’t exist, that there was no order placed. They advised me to order again.
So I went back online and placed the order- and I got a confirmation email straight away.

This morning I was on my online banking and I noticed x2 payments to Spurs shop- x1 (that had now gone through, original order) and x1 pending (yesterday’s order).

I immediately telephoned Spurs shop to explain the above- I told them I wanted to cancel the order (the duplicate one). I was told that it could not be cancelled- (even though it states that you can cancel your order as long as it hasn’t been despatched)
The confirmation email says that I will get an email when the order is dispatched.
It’s definitely 100% not been dispatched- the lady on the phone said that it hadn’t either. She said I couldn’t cancel my order because it is at its final stage in the warehouse- so deffo 100% not been dispatched.
I’ve been told to receive the order and return the products to them, they will them looked into a refund!!!
Why can’t they cancel- if it’s not been dispatched?
So disappointed 😢. That’s money for x2 orders out of my account now- my direct debits are going to get missed for sure.
Can anyone help?"

James Henson says

"I purchased a shirt and football from the Spurs shop during a stadium tour with my grandson, who was visiting from Canada. He follows everything Spurs when at home, he is a member of the Ottawa Spurs supporters. The shirt seams had not been lock stitched, result! all parted within one year, the ball stitching also failed, within a year. Spurs shop informed me that faulty goods should be returned within 30days! Matter closed, other than they sent some Spurs player pictures to my grandson. Having supported Spurs since 1954, attended all the away games in Europe during the great Billy Nick years, I have canceled my Spurs One Hotspur membership. This is not the way to treat loyal fans. Will never purchase the Spurs brand again ( I have spent over £200 on Spurs merchandise during 2019)"

vernard jones says

"Purchased shirts 2 for 1 in the sale, used the Spurs size Guide but they were too small, I returned them for a larger size. Spurs emailed me to confirm the return then emailed me to say order dispatched but on delivery only 1 shirt. I emailed customer service to be told I only ordered I shirt, I pointed out that it was a return and I had 2 shirts but too small. I was then advised the matter was being dealt with by returns I’ve emailed 2 more times without success.
Vern jones"

Sue says

"I ordered four items online to be dispatched together, I received two, with an invoice totaling more than the original order. I kept receiving updates about the remaining two being delayed, to then be told the last item had been sent - err don't you mean two? No someone has amended my order, I contacted them and was told to reorder this missing item, but I shouldn't have to, I never amended the order, why should I pay postage again when it's not my fault and so forth. Definitely wouldn't recommend or hurry to use them again"

Chaynie Elston-Hooper says

"I bought my spurs t-shirt online following their size guide so I decided to have it personalised because I expected the size guide on their website to be correct. So I woke up today on a Saturday to find my parcel and realise the shirt is too small... so I phone them and explain i used their size chart to be told there's nothing they can do. I love spurs but this is a huge let down. Thanks spurs for putting me out of pocket i won't be buying from the store again."

Sharon says

"I returned the goods and got proof of postage from the post office, 2 months later I am still awaiting my refund. Have been in weekly contact via email as the phone number is currently unobtainable and have been repeatedly fobbed off. Very poor customer service indeed!!"

Anna Moss says

"Terrible customer service, don't shop here!

Ordered a jumper for my dad for Xmas which never arrived. Have contacted Tottenham shop many times now and keep getting brushed off, told to contact the post office myself or told that it has been delivered (it definitely hasn't).

I just want a replacement or a refund but they are refusing to help. Shockingly bad customer service. You just dont expect it from a big company."

Mads Dybdal Jacobsen says

"Wasn't able to get access to the ticket site, which now results in a three days stay in London without any match to watch. Thank you very much. When I finally got through, there was a fail when I tried to order. I don't really get pi#sed often, but this is really pissing me off... Additionally, they haven't responded to my mail for a week now..."

Bo says

"Terrible, they never listen and do t deliver what they promise. I want my money back"

Ross connolly says

"Worst customer service experience I ever had . To start off I bought a toddlers home kit and when i received it there was a blood stain possibly from the person that printed the back of the jersey - regardless it was sent out to me in that state - I immediately sent it back costing me a further €14 euro for registered mail . In the mean time I received an email saying that once they received it back that i would be sent a new jersey and also i would be refunded money as a good will gesture. I got the new jersey in the post but no sign of refund and now they wont answer my emails . Complete and utter joke . Nick Connor Senior Global eCommerce Manager at Tottenham are you aware of whats going on . query (44630)"

Glen says

"Website is all over the place"

Guy says

"Recently bought a personalised away shirt for my 10 year old grandson. Fitted perfectly so bought a personalised home shirt for £80 in exactly the same size. The home shirt is noticeably smaller than the away one. Sleeves really narrow and chest 1.5” smaller. He is so disappointed and I am £80 poorer! Spurs shop refuse to refund/ exchange as the shirt is personalised even though unwearable. Dreadful. I understand if I had ordered the wrong size but both shirts were the SAME size."

John Saunders says

"Went to get a retro holsten spurs shirt went home with a 2xl shirt so so tight took it back said I would need a 3xl shirt only to be told they dont do 3xl because of the material they use ?????all I am saying is WHY not . Come on spurs some people are a little larger than others now you do your bit and do larger clothing.... that's why I can only give 2 stars"

Adrian Barlow says

"Spurs own brand clothes and merchandise is truly shocking quality and over priced. Usually the clothes last about 2-3 months and then you notice either stitching coming apart, transfers coming off or shrunk so it will fit my 8 year old! The Nike stuff from the shop of fine... I am a season ticket holder and have now stopped buying from the shop."

James Henson says

"I took my Grandson on a tour of the new stadium last July when he visited from Ottawa, he is a keen Spurs fan and a member of Ottawa Spurs supporters club.
As a treat, we visited the shop and I purchased a £48 Nike top and a football. The stitching on the top has come adrift as it has the stitching on the ball.
In addition, I have spent north of £200 in the last year sending items direct to Canada.
The response from Spurs was less than courteous when I forwarded photos of the sub-standard goods I had purchased, it basically read we can do nothing. So don't expect any constructive response when you complain about shoddy goods.
I will not be using the Spurs shop again."

Rita Jordan says

"I fail to see what all the fuss is about, the washroom facilities were far from clean and smelled like the Thames sewage works in Barking! There is very little chance I'll be there again in a hurry. And the stewards were more aggressive than the so called thugs shall we say.

But on a lighter note, I did enjoy my meat pie and cup of tea, even though it was in a paper cup"

Wladyslaw Mejka says

"I am deaf/hearing impaired. I discovered an app [Pedius Call] which allows me to phone organisations and have a conversation the way hearing people do, the only difference being my 'hearing' is via a translation provided in real time in text on my smartphone.
I asked Tottenham Hotspur if they would adjust their telephony to ensure calls using the Pedius Call app were not cut-off, a common problem with automated telephony.
Spurs kept putting it off while they build the new stadium spending millions but have ended up ignoring it altogether.
Spurs are simply refusing to provide deaf and hearing impaired people with the same level and quality of access to the club that hearing people have. I call that discrimination."